Provide client message development, product messaging, and make sure that message gets  to the right population based on research, target marketing that is data driven, and presented on a cross polination of platforms to include broad  social media engagement, cable and network television, print advertising and targeted direct mail.. to include the writing of press releases, manage media relations, organize all media events and assemble all appropriate media packages.


Service our clients by securing governmental procurement at the local, state and federal levels of government and within their agencies. Identify opportunities for clients to secure private investment from high networth investors and placements into  private investment vehicles. Design fundraising and  gift giving campaigns for not for profit organizations. Coordiate and develope in person and multimedia fundrasing events for non profit organizations. Assist non profits with the development of strategic fundraing and procurement plans, to represent their interest within governmental entities seeking partnerships  with non governmental organizations; and / or securing the funding needed to allow  that organization to carry out its programs and services  deemed as critical to the community and state. Develop and maintain targeted fundraising databases to reduce failure rates.