Service our clients by securing governmental procurement at the local, state and federal levels of government and within their agencies and:

  • Identify opportunities for clients to secure private investment from high net-worth investors, venture capital funding and secure client placements into  private investment vehicles.
  • Design fundraising and  gift giving campaigns for not for profit organizations. \
  • Coordinate and develop traditional as well as  multimedia fundraising events for non profit organizations.
  • Develop proformas that outline the financials of projects for the review of potential funders or investors; to complete  investment packages for business projects to include tech startups, real-estate development, road building, the building of renewable energy plants, manufacturing,  secure  funding  to implement the goals of broad the comprehensive plans of  government and industry.    
  • Assist non profits with the development of strategic fundraising and procurement plans, to represent their interest within governmental entities seeking partnerships  with non governmental organizations; and / or securing the funding needed to allow  that organization to carry out its programs and services  deemed as critical to the community and state.
  • Develop and maintain targeted fundraising databases to reduce failure rates. 
  • For political campaigns, provide the infrastructure, information, platform interactions and outreach mechanisms needed to secure the campaign funding required to compete in todays political environment.