Having 20 years experience in the rough and tumble business of Florida politics provide political clients campaign strategies, communication strategies and media platforms that allow them to tell their story to constituents, and their communities in a way that can make them the ultimate winner of their contest.

  • Connect clients with decision makers
  • Give clients access to local, state and national leaders
  • Testify on clients behalf before legislative committees
  • Manage communications and public relations needed to bolster business, or for public affairs consistant with political needs or in crisis management
  • On behalf of clients and with their input, develop  simple to complicated policy, and present such policy proposals to government bodies
  • Protect your business from over regulation
  • Develop and distribute position papers
  • Secure government procurement
  • Connect clients with private investors
  • Provide policymakers information about impact of laws on client business
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Local and statewide advocacy
  • Bill tracking and analysis
  • Bill writing
  • Keep bad things from happening to you business 
  • Protect your employees from government overreach
  • Monitor legislative activity on behalf of your business or organization