Michael Dobson, Founder 

Michael Dobson, giving the keynote address at the 2018 MLK Day Celebration breakfast in Clay County

Michael Dobson is a third generation Floridian, born in Mulberry Florida and is a long time Tallahassee based lobbyist, political consultant, businessman  and writer.   His early years were spent between Bartow Florida, and Elizabeth New Jersey. It was in Elizabeth New Jersey, where his mother first introduced him to the United Methodist Church, which he is a member of that church today. Michael is currently an active  member of  St. Paul United Methodist Church of Tallahassee,along with his wife and kids,  where he sings in the church choir. After graduating from Bartow Senior High School (Bartow, Florida) where Michael was a starting running back for his highschool football team (Bartow Yellow Jackets), a starting guard on the basketball team ,  a member of the track team,  a member of the school chorus, Army ROTC and Student Council; he was awarded a scholarship  to Bethune Cookman College, a United Methodist Church Institution. After graduating with a Bachelors degree from Bethune Cookman College, Michael moved to San Diego California (Poway, Rancho Bernardo) , where he got involved with his first political campaign as a volunteer. As his father was a close confidant to Republican Gubernatorial candidate George Dukemajin, Michael  did volunteer work for that successful campaign. After eventually returning to Florida to live in Gainesville Florida,  Michael worked as a retail chain manager,  as a Rehabilitation Therapist for Sunland Training Center of Gainesville (a State of Florida entity) , and later began a career in the insurance industry as a Claims Adjuster for State Farm Insurance, which took him to Tampa Florida where he  later became President of Claimpro Insurance of Tampa. In 1989 Michael relocated to Tallahassee Florida to pursue a   Graduate degree from  the Florida A&M University's School of Business  and Industry, an MBA.  In Gainenesville and later in Tallahassee, Michael was a volunteer for the local Democratic Party.  

Upon leaving graduate school, focused on a career in public policy and politics, after  temporarily working in retail  and retail management... eventually found work   in the Florida House of Representatives....landing  in the office of State Representative Janegayle Boyd. Michael then was hired to develop a labor organization communications office, becoming the Communications Director of the Federation of Physicians and Dentist ( an AFL-CIO affiliate).  Michael then founded "Dobson, Craig and Associates" (DCA) as a sole proprietorship in the mid 1990's.   Michael also worked as the legislative coordinator (lobbyist) for Florida Impact during that same time. And, in the year 2000,  Michael Dobson was a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives. As a first time candidate, Michael had an impressive showing receiving the endorsements of the Florida Chamber of Commerce  as well as the AFL-CIO, which was unheard of at the time. He has gone on to become a sought after political consultant through his more than three decades of experience in grass roots politics and as a cheif strategist for campaigns at every level.  Dobson, Craig and Associates has continued to grow through the years.  In 2007, Michael founded the "Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA)", in addition to other ventures. More recently, he founded and is the Publisher of  "Talking Florida Politics", in addition to be Chair of  " Florida Voters Campaign PAC". 

Making history, Michael is  the lobbyist credited with shepparding  the nations first specialty license plate baring the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  through Florida's  legislative process, which is the "Live The Dream" license plate. In late 2017,   Michael  became the  President of the non profit overseeing the MLK  license plate (The Dream Foundation, Inc). In doing so, he is to grow and oversee its programs,  to celebrate the legacy of King. Today, Michael is an often sought after speaker on the subject of what the MLK legacy means in the 21st century.   

Mr. Dobson is driven by the core values that define his priorities, which are his  faith, and his family, which means .... his wife and marriage,  his children,grandchildren and the grandchildren that he will never know. He believes that no matter the politics, the race, the religion, the culture or where we exist in the world; we  have more in common than what are our differences. It is his core belief that we all, no matter where we are in the world,  want our children to be happy, healthy and have better opportunities than we have. Also, believing that we all want simple things... a roof over our heads, a clean  and sustainable environment, food to eat, tangible healthcare, educational opportunities for our children, human freedom, equal treatment and liberty. Michael beleives that these core things are what make us a united human race , not a divided one. Those are the core  values Dobson, Craig and Associates fight for in its services to its clients.