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Our nation must address its original sin

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Video featuring Michael Dobson in interviewTallahassee church holds community discussion on restorative justice

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Michael Dobson Blog

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Renewable Power Needed, Not Nuclear, by Michael Dobson

A Renewable Energy Bill That Even The Tea Party Can't Like

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Michael Dobson Interviewed at 1996 Presidential Debate Party

Michael Dobson Interviewed at Florida Supreme Court during Bush Vs. Gore toss up in 2000

Presidential Election

Announcement For Run For Governor Of Senator Daryl Jones, First Serious Black Candidate To Seek The Office of Governor In Florida, whereby Michael Dobson Was Campaign Coordinator/Manager

Don't Lose Chance To Be a leader In Renewables, by Michael Dobson

Black Democrat To Seek Nomination ( First Black Seeking Fl Governors Office) , Michael Dobson, Campaign Coordinator/Manager

Democrats Need A 'Best Combination' To Win, by Michael Dobson

Election 2000 Interview with Michael Dobson (DCA Founder) In Ny Daily News: After Tense Wait, Anger And Elation

D obson, Craig and Associates Manages Florida Association Of Food Banks(article): Make your Place At The Table