Our History

Dobson, Craig and Associates (DCA) was founded in 1996, in Tallahassee Florida as a small contract company that provided grant writing services and bill tracking for those clients who only wanted to track legislation for their member organizations.

Early on, Dobson, Craig and Associates  expanded to provide  governmental relations and public affairs services to its clients. An avid political junkie, founder Michael Dobson begain providing  consultancy and management services to  various political campaigns, beginning in 1998. Beginning in 2004, Dobson, Craig and Associates began providing association managemenet services to various industry trade organizations. In the firms governmental relations practice, its areas of policy expertise has included health insurance for individuals and small business, hospitals, criminal justice, prenatal care, renewable energy, agriculture, food banks, banking and finance, regulated industry,  water, clean technology, electricity, taxes, transportation, roads and  infrastructure. DCA has also  become a go to firm for entrepreneurs seeking help with understanding  the various public private investment vehicles available in Florida for technology and new product  development. Working with the Florida Cabinet,  Florida's State  Board of Administration (SBA) and venture firms as a renewable energy policy expert, founder Michael Dobson has helped the best and the brightest pursue their dreams of creating the new technologies that will lead us into the next generation.  

To that end,  founder Michael Dobson and partners  have represented the interest of a variety of organizations before the executive and legislative branches of Florida's government over the last two decades. DCA continue to be called upon to help clients maneuver a  complicated governmental bureaucracy today. 

Dobson, Craig and Associates (DCA) , is one of the longest serving and most experienced  governmental relations and public affairs firms in  Florida's state capital... and is minority founded and headed. Because of its longevity,  Dobson, Craig and Associates and its founder Michael Dobson is considered one of the deans of Florida's political consulting class, haven walked the halls of the state capital for over 25 years, and have operated political campaigns throughout the state of Florida at every level over the span of those years.  It has survived because when business or organizations want value for the dolllars they shell out for governmental advice, advocacy and strategy, they don't want to waste money on those who are just beginning to learn the ropes. They want a company that has sustained relationships  with Florida leaders and key governmental decision makers. DCA clients see value in the relationships it  has established and maintained  for over 20 years in the legislature. They understand that those relationships and such lengthy experience goes a long way at making  sure that their clients issues get heard and that no harm comes to their clients bottom lines resulting from government activity. More than that, its clients have seen consistent results.