"When your organizations future hang in the balance because of governmental rules and regulations, it needs a steady, studied and articulate messenger who have cultviated long standing relationships with our leaders, earning their trust."  

Making sure Florida families have basic needs:

When taking on the governmental relations concerns of the Florida Association of Food Banks in 2002, the association had $10,0000 in the bank, which were annual membership fees from the Second Harvest Food Banks that made up the organization. A year prior, Florida Impact helped them secure $125,000 (which was then exhasted) from the legislature. It showed them that our lawmakers supported their efforts. Dobson, Craig and Associates was successful at immediately increasing their budget appropriation with the help of lawmakers on both sides of the isle, to reach an annual appropriation averaging $500,000. Dobson, Craig and Associates then introduced the association to an opportunity to receve funding from the Imagine license plate, which uses the lithograph image of Pop Ichan John Lennon for which his widow offered permission for the use of the image .. as John supported food banks. Today, the Florida Association of Food Banks receive close to or more than 1 million dollars annually to feed the many food insecure families throughout Florida, with a combination of is appropriations and license plate sales. Dobson, Craig and Associates made a differemnce in the lives of countless Floridians 

Protecting the unborn and the most vunerbale, to assure that all have a healthy start:

From 2003 to approximatly 2006, Dobson a Craig and Associates represented the interest of the March of Dimes, Florida Chapter.  Initially, Florida tested for only  6 metobolic diseases for each live birth in the State of Florida. Working with the governors office, Secretary of Health Dr. Awgrunobi and key legislators, Dobson, Craig and Asociates with the March of Dimes Public Affairs office was able to form an Newborn Screening Task Force, then later expand new born screening to well over 30 metobolic diseases for each live bi rth. That number has increased. 

Spreading the wealth:

The work of Dobson, Craig and Associates , since  2004 has also provided resources to the Sickle Cell Disease Associations of Florida , and organizations that serve minority communities to address infant mortality and sickle cell disease.It includes the march of Dimes and Florida Healty Start Coalitions  This is done through the nations first Martin Luther King specialty license plate.. called "Live The Dream", which features the head bust of MLK, an initiative spearheaded by Dobson, Craig and Associates.  The recipents where decided upoin by Michael dobson himself, as w a way to have the resources go back in to the African American community for targeted services to address severe needs

These are just a few of the things Dobson,Craig and Associates have done to permenantly and positively impact the lives of Floridians.

Most lobbying firms will not tell you about their successes. It seems there is a big secret. Here, we will mention a few of our early successes ...as they are descriptive of who we are as a firm, and what guides us.